i am drowning in my dream;
i do not exist in reality.

cassandra (natacha) | '95 | ☼ pisces ☾ leo | infp

- italian girl, living in paris, france
- lover of books, graphic novels and mangas
- spends most of her time watching movies or tv shows
- loves singing and going to concerts
- i suck at communication so i'm sorry if i reply really slow
- but i love making new friends so feel free to follow and talk to me!


- music: bring me the horizon, bad omens, the weeknd, spiritbox, one ok rock, sleep token, a day to remember, deftones, etc
- video games: final fantasy xiv, baldur's gate 3, hearthstone
- books: no longer human, circé, daisy jones & the six, the night circus, convenience store woman, in the miso soup, tamen de gushi
- movies: the handmaiden, shutter island, spirited away, in the mood for love
- tv: brooklyn 99, the haunting of hill house, daria, american horror story, mindhunter, got, beef, twd
- anime: hunterxhunter, berserk, samurai champloo, death note, shingeki no kyojin, saiki kusuo

concerts i've been to

bring me the horizon, spiritbox, motionless in white, bad omens, poppy, the weeknd, kaytranada, one ok rock

♡ interests

- horror mangas (junji ito), movies, and books
- animals, especially cats
- women
- rhea ripley
- trying food from all over the world
- platform shoes
- the color pink and black
- tom hardy
- you get it

exo ✩ kai, lay, bh, cy (all)
9muses ✩ kyungri
f(x) ✩ ot5
block b ✩ zico
brown eyed girls ✩ narsha
oh my girl ✩ yooa
dean ✩ sunmi ✩ beenzino
zion.t ✩ hyuna ✩ heize
florence pugh ✩ tom hardy ✩ jgl
xiao zhan ✩ wang yibo

before you follow

- i will tweet in french sometimes so you're bothered by that, don't follow me
- i try to follow back every person that follows me first
- if you're a minor, follow at your own risk because some of my tweets might be nsfw
don't follow if you're racist, homophobic, biphobic, transphobic, etcif we are mutuals and you want to unfollow, please softblock